Affordable Resumes for Everyone


How does the service work?

Simple! Purchase the option that you desire and we will email you asking for your current resume (and cover letter, if you need one). Once we've received this information we'll begin crafting your document(s) and get them back to you via email between 2-3 business days

I need to edit the documents I purchased from 5DRT - can you help?

Sure! Email us at, indicate the changes needed on your document(s) and we'll make the edits ASAP.

What sort of formats are the documents created in?

We provide all of our clients with both downloadable and editable Microsoft Word and PDF documents. If you need to make edits in the future you can download the Word document and make changes.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on our services because once our writers invest their time in creating your documents there is no way for them to recoup their labor. HOWEVER, we will always work with you to make any needed changes or edits that you desire.