Objectives and Key Results

January 5, 2019


One of my favorite reads of 2018 was John Doerr's, Measure What Matters. Doerr, an Andy Grove disciple, was trained in measuring company success by its results using objectives and key results (OKRs). OKRs help us develop an objective and visualize the key results desired during our job hunting.

Objective: Land my dream job.

Key Results:

1 - Apply to 10 companies over 2 months 

2 - Land 3 phone interviews

3 - Land 1-2 in person interviews

After developing your OKRs you can then tailor your job hunting approach to your liking and become more aggressive or conservative . But, now you have metrics and benchmarks to operate with thanks to OKRs.

Find out more about OKRs here: